Fisheries & Fish Management

We are privileged that Shuttleworth College is situated in a large conservation area containing grassland, moorland, heathland, woodland and wetland giving you a diverse range of real life working environments to gain experience in. You'll find our reservoirs and lakes stocked with bream, carp, perch, pike, roach, rudd, tench, catfish and trout, an excellent natural learning resource.

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Why choose us?

Work experience
Work experience is at the heart of the fisheries courses on offer, spanning the UK and the globe. Students have gained work experience in Spain, the USA and other countries. This gives them a platform to meet major players in the industry and opens up job opportunities in the aquatic trade, fish farming, tackle and organisations like the Environment Agency. Students are matched to work experience placements to get the best results for both the employer and student. Many go on to full-time employment as a result or choose higher education as another route into their chosen career.

The future
Studying a fisheries course will enable you to learn about all aspects of the fishing industry including aquaculture and ornamental aquatic species. You can expect to progress into a career helping to maintain lakes, reservoirs, rivers and fisheries throughout the country. On your course you'll benefit from the fantastic number of partnerships and contacts the College has with other businesses and companies in the fisheries industry such as Nash Resorts and the Environment Agency.

International partnerships
LogoThe European partnership project was determined by acknowledging that improvement could be made in currently existing Fish Management, Aquaculture and Sports Fishery practices within individual member states. It was believed that exchanging local knowledge, skills and practices would identify similarities and differences and so lead to improvements in education, local customs and attitudes.

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Student destinations

55% of our Land and The Environment students go straight into employment or an apprenticeship, while 18% go on to study at degree-level here at Bedford College or at colleges and universities such as Harper Adams University, University of Exeter and University of Hertfordshire. 

Source: Bedford College FE Student Destinations 2015-16

Fisheries careers

» Aquarist

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» Fish Farm Manager

A fish farm manager is responsible for the breeding and rearing of fish for the wholesale or retail trade. Farms breed their own fish by hatching eggs from adult stock and then rearing them before selling on to purchasers.

Salary £15,000-£18,000 starting salary. £20,000-£45,000 senior position. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Fish Journalist for Angling & Fishing Magazine

The nature of a journalist's work varies considerably depending on the size of the employing organisation and the subject matter covered by the publication. You will be expected to research a subject, write stories and meet deadlines.

Salary £15,000-£35,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Ornamental Fish Breeder

Information coming shortly...

» River & Lakes Fisheries Officer

Fisheries officers are responsible for the conservation and protection of fisheries, whether freshwater or marine. They carry out surveys of aquatic life, investigate fish mortalities and study water quality.

Salary £20,000-£25,000 starting salary. £34,000-£40,000 senior position. Depending on experience and qualifications.

» Sales Person for Fisheries Company

As a sales person you will sell the products and services helpful to the fisheries industry; this may include selling equipment, machinery, supplies etc.

Salary £16,000-£25,000. Depending on experience and qualifications.

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